Dawn Marsh Harrier

Dawn Marsh Harrier

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

So, Stockers Power Depleted.

No prizes but a hearty well done if you can decipher the above title from the story.

After several sightings of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at my local Stockers Lake in the last few days, I decided I'd make the most of the lovely early spring weather and swing round there on my way home from work.  A Lesser Pecker is big news in our neck of the woods these days, as sadly it is most places. The bird had been seen drumming in an oak tree it seems to like at 07.20 this morning and as it was seen in this tree at 17.20 yesterday evening I thought I had half a chance.

I arrived at Stockers Farm to find Kevin Farrell enjoying 3 Common Snipe on the flooded field. The field behind was covered in feeding fieldfare, probably 60+. Kevin told me he'd had 2 sessions looking for the Pecker today but with no success. Undeterred, I made my way round to the lake. A couple were just leaving having failed to connect but kindly showed me not only the tree but the very branch the bird likes to drum on, so I opted to loiter in this general area and keep my eyes and ears open. The more or less resident Red Crested Pochards were showing nicely in the low evening sunshine.

An hour and a half passed quickly with displaying drakes of various species keeping me amused.

Tufting it out in the fading light

Eventually the sun dipped below the horizon and no sight or sound of the Lesser Spot but I can think of worse places to spend a glorious March sunset than Stockers Lake.

So, is........ 'Stockers power so depleted'?????.......I don't think so.

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