Dawn Marsh Harrier

Dawn Marsh Harrier

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Yellow Leg, Second Leg

Last Saturday was the only day in the last 3 weeks that the Greater Yellow Legs hadn't shown at Titchfield Haven and of course that was the day I went. So I couldn't resist another bite of the cherry today with the bird showing again all week. Myself and Sharpy got ourselves within striking range at Acres Down in the New Forest early morning to wait for news. There are always noteworthy birds to be had here and this morning was no exception. Year ticks in the form of Redstarts and Tree Pipits were a good start.

Tree Pipit

Firecrests were singing and a Goshawk circled briefly overhead.


We bumped into the familiar faces of Nigel and Mick from Berkshire. They had just seen a Honey Buzzard from the raptor watch point so that seemed the obvious next move. But as we headed that way, news broke that the Greater Yellow Legs was on show at Titchfield. I know it seems disgraceful to shun a Honey Buzzard but the Yellow Legs had stolen several hours  of my life that I can never get back last week and I wanted revenge. All was forgiven when it showed nicely in front of the hide. Lifer!!! Bingo!!!

Greater Yellow Legs

A Stop at the Meon Shore Hide on the way back was rewarded by a fine sum plum Curlew Sandpiper.

An Avocet chick was honing it's scything skills -

While Dad aggressively saw off anyone and a everyone who ventured too close.

It's nice to see rare birds but it's also nice to see birds that are just brilliant. As we left the reserve a Common Tern was using the breeze to hover like a Kestrel and I just had to get my camera on it.

Definition of elegance.

As I said - just brilliant.

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