Dawn Marsh Harrier

Dawn Marsh Harrier

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Weird & Wonderful Nightjars

Last night, myself, Sharpy and Brendan made our annual pilgrimage to Chobham Common in search of the weird and wonderful Nightjars that haunt the heath land of a nighttime. As usual we weren't disappointed. As day gave way to night, an eerie churring call from in front of us broke the silence. Then another from behind and then another away to our left. If you didn't know better you would never believe this noise was coming from a bird. A Nightjar appeared suddenly before us like some ghostly silhouette performing a ghostly ritual dance. It perched briefly in a small birch tree in front of us and we watched it's strange shadow shudder as it let out it's unearthly call. Then as suddenly as it appeared it spirited away over the tree line and out of sight. But it wasn't long before our next encounter. Out of nowhere a Nightjar manifested itself right in front of our faces. It danced and fluttered all around us like a giant satanic butterfly. There was no doubt it was checking us out. It was as fascinated by us as we were by it. For a couple of minutes it fluttered and hovered around us, often within 20ft of us. Just brilliant.

These birds really are beyond the pale. Bizarre in every way. They look bizarre, they sound bizarre and they behave bizarre. They are just totally bizarre and I for one luv'em for it.

See you next year ya spooky freaks!!!!!

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