Dawn Marsh Harrier

Dawn Marsh Harrier

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Inglorious by Mark Avery.

If you're not sure what all this fuss is about between conservationists and the so called sport of 'Driven Grouse Shooting'..... read this book.

 If you are aware but wonder whether campaigning to ban the so called sport of 'Driven Grouse Shooting' is a bit extreme.....read this book.

 If you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about.....read this book.

I finally got round to finishing it today and wanted to share my thoughts.

The book opens with a foreword from the highly respected conservationist Chris Packham. Chris has a lot of credibility at stake when he puts his neck on the line, but the ferocity of his words here are a measure of just how intensely angry and passionate he is about this debate.

Except it's not a debate. A debate requires two sides of a story offering different rationale. The two sides of this conflict are the right side and the wrong side. Good against evil if you like. That may sound arrogant and self righteous but I'm not like that. It's just that in this case it's a fact. And that's what this book is all about. Facts. No propaganda, no spin, no speculation, just well researched, science based facts. It's not debatable. It's not subjective. It's just facts. Facts that prove beyond all doubt that for the sake of our upland wildlife, landscape, ecology and environment. there is only one logical option. BAN DRIVEN GROUSE SHOOTING!!!  At last I don't need to spend time trying to explain and justify that statement. I just have to say "read Inglorious by Mark Avery".

I have only one concern about this book and that is that the only people who will read it are those of us who didn't really need to, just wanted to. I promise you, any right minded, decent person, (ie most of the population of the British Isles I'd like to think), would sign this e petition  https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104441 if they read this book. Please read it. And when you have, please persuade, cajole, bully, emotionally blackmail anyone you can to read it too. And then persuade, cajole, bully, emotionally blackmail those people to persuade, cajole, bully, emotionally blackmail everyone they know to do the same and so on. Honestly, if you think I'm making a big fuss about nothing, please just read the book. The general public both deserve and need to know what's going on in our uplands. The whole dirty sordid story is told here in 'Inglorious, Conflict in the Uplands'.

 Don't bury your head in the sand. Don't sit on your hands. You may not appreciate the magnitude of this situation, in which case you really need to read this book and then you will. Help us inform the nation and then we WILL win. This nation will care if they know the facts. They're all in the book.

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